Right from the start of our redevelopment project, our architects, suggested that Downing Place could be an oasis of peace and tranquillity amid all the traffic and shopping in the city centre. They suggested a vista of greenery that would rest the eyes.

The garden will be overlooked by new clear windows all around – in the Gibson Hall, the Kitchen, the Servery and Hub, plus all the small meeting rooms.

We will reuse the old St Columba’s wooden screens to frame mirrors and support climbing plants in this outdoor setting where the screens will gradually weather to silver. We also plan raised beds where children could tend plants, and space for the outdoor tables and chairs

Our Garden Page has an abundant list of possible shade-tolerant plants.  Members and friends might like to choose one and/or contribute the funds – please contact us if you would like to discuss this. A donation might be in someone’s memory.  Sustained by everyone’s interest and care, our garden will flourish.



Planting Scheme