Our aim with Children’s Ministry is to learn together from the Bible, hear more about Jesus and think about what faith means in our daily life through lots of different and fun activities in smaller groups during the second part of the Sunday morning service.

Currently, our children’s groups are:

Swallows (Psalm 84) for babies and toddlers

A safe place where babies and toddlers can play with a variety of toys, sing some simple songs and experience a sense of community.

Sparrows (Luke 12:6) for pre-schoolers and children in reception

Children feel valued and develop friendships by enjoying lots of different activities together, including crafts, singing and games based around Bible stories.

Doves (Genesis 8:8 and Luke 9) for children in school years 1-3

Children learn more about Jesus and think about what it means in their daily lives through activities such as craft, drama and discussions.

Eagles (Isaiah 40:30) for children in school years 4-6

Children discover together the messages of the Bible, talk about the implications and share thoughts with a variety of activities.

Ostriches/Owls/Vultures (Job 30:29) for teenagers
Teenagers broaden their ideas about Christian faith and share and reflect on experiences together through small group discussions, singing and games.