Our outreach both locally and further afield

Local Mission

Downing Place seeks to witness to the Gospel in practical ways in our local community of Cambridge. We do this sacramentally through our worship on Sundays, and practically by supporting a number of local organisations and charities in Cambridge.  We have recently appointed a Community Development Worker to explore future partnership opportunities; and a Pioneer Minister who will work mainly in the ‘night time economy’ of bars, restaurants and clubs surrounding Downing Place.

On our return to the newly refurbished Downing Place building, we will resume hosting the Group Therapy Centre, as well as various Anonymous groups who have a long connection with the Church.  We will be actively seeking new partnership opportunities and identifying areas of need within the local community, discerning how we might best use our premises and resources to serve our neighbour.

World Mission

World Church & Public Issues

The World Church and Public Issues group encourages Downing Place’s  involvement with the wider world.  We have links with charities, churches and communities throughout the world. In recent years we have supported Churches, schools, aid projects and local development, sometimes through personal connections, in Guatemala, Ghana, Israel/Palestine/ the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and widely elsewhere.


We also keep our congregation informed about ecumenical activities in this country and internationally. We organise a World Church Weekend each year, and we run exhibitions and educational initiatives about national and international issues. We promote overseas aid charities such as Christian Aid and the URC’s own Commitment for Life. The Church’s monthly magazine, Place Matters,devotes a special issue from time to time on subjects such as climate change or homelessness.