Members of Downing Place visit their building on Tuesday 11 February to survey progress so far:

Site visit, 4th February 2020

Site visit, 6th January 2020 (photos by Robert Porrer)

Video: Site tour with Jack Boyns of Archangel Architects, 19th December 2019


Site visit, 26th November 2019 (photos by Margaret Reynolds)

Sanctuary – former organ loft & insulation (5″/125 and 2″/50) stacked ready for Gibson Hall roof

Sanctuary – opening up new doors from Welcome Entrance


Video: TV interview with Revd Nigel Uden 


Site visit, 29th October 2019 (photos by Robert Porrer)

Sanctuary – opening up for new windows onto Downing Street:

New Hub – looking into St Columba’s Hall:

Former toilets, with rooms above:

Looking into Gibson Hall (kitchen and balcony demolished):

Courtyard garden – conservatory demolished and temporary scaffolding roof over St Columba’s Hall:

Site visit, 9th October 2019 (photos by Robert Porrer)


First monthly site visit, 25th September 2019 (photos by Robert Porrer)

Sanctuary – wood block floor removed, wooden screens disassembled and kitchen/rest room built for workers:

Courtyard – conservatory already removed:

Gibson hall – panelling and balcony removed (wall between hall and kitchen will be removed to enlarge the hall):

St Columba’s Hall:

Kitchen – nearly cleared:

Redevelopment work begins at Downing Place URC, September 2019 (photos by Elaine Barker)


Low-energy design at Downing Place URC