Commitment for Life

The URC’s commitment to supporting those most in need.

What is Commitment for Life?

Commitment for Life is the URC’s Social Justice programme. It enables local congregations to pray, advocate and take action for the most vulnerable people.

Soon after its formation in 1972, the United Reformed Church instituted a World Development Programme, whose brief was widened in 1976 to include political action, education, financial appeal and cooperation with Christian Aid and the World Development Movement.

From its initiation the Programme incorporated a so-called ‘1% appeal’. Each local church makes a joint response in financial support for the global justice programme, and it was suggested that individual church members and supporters might give 1 per cent of their annual income as an appropriate contribution through their church.

In 1992 the 1% appeal was renamed ‘Commitment for Life’

Our chosen project: Bangladesh

Downing Place United Reformed Church has chosen to focus on Bangladesh as our Commitment for Life partner. In worship, in prayer and in our financial contribution, we are standing up for global justice through action and advocacy.

Poor governance, debilitating trade deals and global banking are huge issues. Then there is an over-dependency on natural resources. Now the impact of climate disruption is making things far worse. But you can help local communities to survive climate disruption, support farmers to improve their harvest, and enable women to participate fully in vital decisions.

We are committed to ensuring poor and marginalised people enjoy thriving and dignified lives.


Support us

There are several ways we can support people through Commitment for Life:
• Pray for our chosen region, Bangladesh, ‘without ceasing’
• Stand up for global justice through action and advocacy
• Hold an annual Commitment for Life service
• Consider committing 1% of our income

A contribution of 1 penny in each pound of our income can be a manageable way to stand alongside others in our Downing Place community to support our brothers and sisters across the world.

You can use the ‘donate’ button to the right  to set up regular or one-off donations to Downing Place’s ‘Commitment for Life’ appeal.