As we prepare to move out of the Emmanuel building, life is dominated by boxes and sorting, documents to be scanned and filed, books to be packed.  It has been both refreshing and encouraging this week to receive an update from our contractors on site at Downing Place, who have made tremendous progress on the renovation work and have shared their recent progress with us in the form of a walk-through video.  The video lasts around 8 minutes, and roams around the whole site – the main church and ‘NightLite Area’ (which will be named ‘The Emmanuel Room’), the Hub and meeting rooms.

We now have a new page on our website dedicated to our Partnerships with other organisations, so if you are wondering who NightLite are and what they do, you can find out there.

Those of you who are reading this as subscribers to information about the Lunchtime Concert series might be interested to see the lift which is being installed to move the piano onto the stage ready for performances!

You can keep up to date with the latest on our redevelopment project at the Downing Place site via our dedicated Redevelopment page on our website here.

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